Hey, it’s Lauren. I would put an exclamation point there, but they are over used, and would not quite capture my golden retriever incarnate enthusiasm anyways. So we will settle for a period, but not a lackluster one.

It has taken me a few years to come to terms with who I am — a non linear thinker and relentless builder. Words are my creativity. Movement is my meditation. Thoughts are my inspiration.

A California athlete raised on the promises of culture and self made dreams, I studied Romance Languages & Literature at Princeton, then wrote my now published thesis on the wine industries of Spain & Italy. Translation: while my classmates were burrowed away in the bowels of the library running some sort of regression, I was prancing around La Rioja and Tuscany doing research on the business, history, production, and tastes of wine. Upon graduating, I chose to work at Morgan Stanley, always having a dream of conquering a Wall Street trading floor, pinstripes, pearls and all. After helping to start businesses for the firm in London, Turkey, New York, and Latin America, something else caught my eye — a gaping hole in the market for a currently non-existent health & wellness industry… and within it, a first of it’s kind real life wellness brand.

So I quit my lucrative, makes-sense job I somehow got after studying literature (and wine), and built a health, wellness & fitness company, which was first to market for the majority of its offerings across yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, digital fitness, and wellness travel. After a decade of building and operating a multi-vertical business with my own two hands, writing a Best Selling book in four languages, and helping people across the globe, I stepped away. It did not make a lot of sense to anyone except my gut-instinct at the time, but I was ready for my next challenge.

Apparently moving on from your business child is not that easy even if it is the right thing to do. But after a daily dose of sweat, tears and alcohol, I finally came back to life, back to realizing what I do, and want to do, best.

So here we are, Between the Waves.

While consulting businesses and entrepreneurs on building their brands, managing their pivots and jumping the curve, I am writing my second book, publishing my first children’s book, and jumping into the ocean of thought here with you.

Between the Waves is a real life look at otherwise esoteric thoughts, meant to open our eyes, feed our mind, and inspire our life.

Thanks for riding these waves with me. No explanation point needed.




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(Photo by the legendary Mick Rock)